Learning Theories

Miscellaneous Sites Contiguity Theory Gestalt Theory Skinner
Aptitude-Treatment Interaction Cooperative Learning Information Processing  Vygotsky
Anchored Instruction Dewey Piaget Weiner
Bandura, Social Learning Theory Dual Coding Theory Social Judgment Theory
Behaviorism Gagné Situated Learning
Cognitive Dissonance Gardner Subsumtion Theory

Miscellaneous Sites Anchored Instruction Dual Coding Theory John Dewey Behaviorism Contiguity Theory
Gestalt Theory
Robert Gagné
B.F. Skinner
Information Processing Theory
Jean Piaget
Lev Vygotsky
Situated Learning
Howard Gardner: Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Albert Bandura and Social Learning Theory
Bernard Weiner
Cognitive Dissonance Aptitude-Treatment Interaction Subsumtion Theory Social Judgment Theory Cooperative Learning

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